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The art of Raku

Raku is an old Japanese cooking technique.

It gives us unique and non-utilitarian objects.

The process of creating them is as follows: We bake in a gas kiln which gives us a very quick bake. When the glass is cured, we open the oven (1000oC) and with special baking tools we take out the objects and place them in saws. So having an object glowing, putting it in the sawdust sets it on fire and the glass crackles (breaks). The soot from the fire gives us colour in the crackling (e.g. black and white) and so we have an object that looks “broken” but is not. This break gives us the special decoration of the roasting of Rakos. Also by making reductions i.e. covering the objects with sawdust from the beginning and depending on the glaze we have used to decorate them we can have a metallic look on a surface such as bronze or silver.

For all the above reasons, no two objects can be identical.

The Rakou collection is only available on request.

Please fill in the contact form below, the object you are interested in with its title and we will contact you to inform you about the cost and the time necessary for their creation.

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